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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolution 2013

Writing this on the Xmas day as I have too many thoughts on this day at home alone.

I remember I used to be "quite" naive, blogging about those kiddo resolutions during the past.
Sth like lovey dovey thingy laa, dream come true la, shop more la....
Coming to this age,  I guess I will be a lil' more realistic right now.

# 2013 Resolution

1. Get the property thingy done.
2. Get to think of the pre-wedding themes and so on by March!
3. Get to earn more $$$
*I know it's impossible to earn more through my job, every pay is fixed...but I'm hoping to get more side incomes*

4. Stay firm this round for the online store - Her WishList
*For those who have followed me previously, I had opened another blog store named Sole-wardrobe...but it only stay for like 2 months? LOL... impatient maa*

5. Start furnishing the new home latest by May!
*painting, room, small deco, etc etc etc...*

6. Get the wedding stuffs done by 70% in July at least?
*I do not wanna mess all things up as it's gonna be my peak period during then*

7. Manage my stress at work.
8. Manage my temper.

I wanted to write 10 or more actually............

that's why I left this so many days thinking of those
But hor, I really can't think lehhhhh....dunno y!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 Flash Back

2012 is a fruitful, challenging, and a very different year to ME!
I have so much flashbacks, thinking back what I have done this year...
seriously, it seemed so long ago, yet it happened just like yesterday?or just months ago?
but I feel like few years back?!

# January


Went to Taipei for work-purpose + 2 days leisure, when I was still with the ex-company
I never thought that I would back there again after my last trip last year with Mr.Hoong.

Nothing happen but just complaints on my works
I remember I need to translate a full 40++ pages of chinese law contract into English!!!
I am not lawyer and i dunno those proper terms and so on.
Problem chinese is limited too!!!
I am just poor at any languages.

The feeling of leaving the company was so strong and I started to look around for jobs and so on.
Just during the period of me sending out resume and so on, current boss SMS me asking if I am interested to go back to my ex-ex-company *my current company*
Seriously .... SO NGAM!!!
after a few days of consideration.........OK, I MAU BALIK


Back to the current company, Biz trip to HK continued.
Different for that quarter is because Mr.Hoong was tagged along!
I dunno y I can be so happy to travel with him, although we always argue during our trips

Biz trip to Penang.

IMG_5670 my FIRST time to Penang.

I "restarted" my BLOG, with my nickname on it.
actually hor, I always reluctant to use anything related to SHARON coz I do not want my colleagues to find out!
Coz I know I will blog about works , or complaints, or anything...but I dunno leh...
I just feel uneasy.
But, long as they don't keep mentioning in front of me, and some have not found out yet then OK lor...

If you ask me not to blog then my life is like lack of something liddat lehh...
I've started blogging since 18 years old, from Multiply to Xanga to Blogspot and to Blogspot again..
how can?

Nothing Special but my niece.
I remember we always bring her out during weekends when she was 3-4 months old.

Oh ya, we both told the parents on our decision on tying up a knot!
Okay, you may not wanna know about the proposal, coz I do not have any...
Maybe you may think I am too desperate to marry or sth...but I just think it's not good to hold a relationship for too long...and shall move forward...

my FIRST time to Singapore!~
Don't quite like this country...
ohhh, don't get me wrong!!! I like their cleanliness, public security, ang moh food...
what I meant is I don't like their shopping
Sorry, I know many like to shop there...but all branded again, same like HK.
I bought nothing but a bottle of lotion only.

I don't remember what's happening in August but I guess most probably me & Mr.Hoong talked about date-picking for our wedding?

trip to USS!

Wedding month I shall say!
attended wedding dinner like every week~
and we won a couple shoot contest by having most votes!!!

Got my gown!~
Actually hor, I've been searching since early of the year...
don't get shocked that I get my gown this early...

But before that I was soo soooo soooooo worried of the lace, and sash and trail...
but phewwww, it's perfect!

Also.....Finally launched Her WishList!~
Please also give it a LIKE ~

Too many things happen in December.....
something about house, money, family.....
we will be having our couple shoot a few days before the month end...

Till then, need to think of new year resolution d.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Isetan x Vivi Love Tokyo Fashion Show @ Isetan, KLCC

Got Kim's whatsapps message the other day, inviting me to this 
Isetan x Vivi Love Tokyo Fashion Show~
I was sooooo happy & excited that we can finally hang out~

And I guess it was the day that I almost get my report done, so I happy.
And I got invited for this fashion show, so I happy.
And I know I get myself a reason to go KLCC, so I happy.

seldom go there as it's always so packed and the parking structure is so so so complicated!

There were a few familiar brands that I always get to read in Vivi, and of coz, the feverish brand by Aud & Cheesie - FORUCHIZU aka Four Cheese!

 We finally guided to a better spot for the show~
And =.= I did snap a few cat-walk pics but all blur

Goodies Bag that I got from this event!
I kept WOW WOW WOW to Mr.Hoong when I was in the car checking the goodies out!
Isetan & Vivi are soooo generous!!!!!
I love them all~

I've been a reader for like 8 years?!
I bought diff diff version every month, but still like the Jap version although I dunno how to read.....
and although I have taken up the Japanese course for 2 semesters.

with Kim ~~~
hahahha...we had a long chat & hope to hang out more with her~
coz I wanna learn how to talk softly~
I found myself very chor lor when talking to her

Lastly, my OOTD.
like finally dare to walk out with my boots in KL.

Mid-length Cardigan from few years back I guess,
Black jumpsuit, H&M
Boots, China
Sequins Clutch, H&M
Belt, Bershka
Accessories, Diva, H&M & Bangkok

Thank you Kim, Thank you Isetan x Vivi~~

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Girls Day Out @ TwentyOne Table + Terrace, Bangsar

Remember I posted about I went Bangsar 7 days in a week?
I went to Kuriya - 5 working days - and here's the 7th day!
To TwentyOne Table + Terrace, BSC.

Hmm...I guess it's a chilling place for beer and cocktails,
that there were only 2-3 tables occupied when we're there~

Aglio Olio with Beef Bacon.
hmmm...not bad but nothing to shout about

Renee's seafood pasta with lotsa seafood!~~

Mushroom Risotto with Oyster Mushroom

Renee & Jenni

Group pic of the day

my "Twin" sista~

Can't wait for our next outing~~~
Faster gather more news and all so that we can gossip anything & everything the next round lah!

Monday, December 10, 2012

See Me Through , Her WishList

Her WishList has updated with new clutches for pre-order...
and we have ready stock for this,

See Me Through Box Clutch with Swarovski Crystals~
I have one backorder, and only left 1 for ready stock!
Else, will need to pre-order and the stocks will only be ready on 20th December.

Personally LOVE this so so so much!!!

Sample pictures from me and website.

It's selling at RM 115.
If you are interested and love this box clutch , kindly email us at
or PM us in our Facebook

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baskin Robbins Flavor Election Finale ~

It was Baskin Robbins Flavor Election Finale last Friday @ The Square, Publika.

I off from work 15 mins earlier just to catch this event!

5 top bloggers, 5 flavors, with 5 promises and only 1 winner~

Baskin Robbins 31~

I'm sorry but their mascot looks funny!

Calling up the candidates, and it's time to hold your HP & cam to chi-chak~

Best Thing of the Night - FREE FLOW ICE CREAM of the selected 5 flavors!~

Got my all-time-favorite - Jamoca Almond Fudge~

But too bad, the queue was soooooo crazy and I just had a scoop!

Game session~~~
I can feel my brain frozen by just looking at them eating 30 cups of ice cream~

And Yoo Hoo, with pretty & petite Aud

p/s: why my hair was soooo frizzy????!!!! grrrr

Did not stay long for the event though as it was so packed
BTW, has won the election for her Pralines and cream ice-cream,
and the promise is................
free upsize with any Double Junior Scoop on weekdays from 10am - 3pm for a whole year until November 2013!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hectic Weeks

Hectic weeks for me !

In the midst of setting up 2 online small biz at the same time,
rushing for my order to do some quality checks,
and setting up pictures and etc.

Problem is, I am a permanent employee.

And I can only deal with all these at nights, and during my break time in the office.

Please stay with me k!~
Launching the new page in ermmmm....maybe 2-3 more weeks' time.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kuriya, BSC

Celebrated Rol's birthday in Kuriya, BSC.

Hmmmm...frankly speaking, although my office is just a step away from BSC, but I seldom get to have lunch there....and there are sooooo many restaurants I wanna try out.

and I went to the same place 7 days in a row last week.
5 working days, and 2 outings over there.

complimentary starter - Fried salmon with spring onion and lemon juice.

Cheese Fondue~~~
hmmm...for me this is not cheesy enough, and more to creamy.
But still palatable and can match with anything!
we dipped our vege, matched with grilled salmon and so on.

The dinner set~

1 is so excited 1 is so busy.

Chicken teppanyaki.

Oh ya, they serve nice grilled salmon.
I can tell that I only had salmon for like thrice or less than 5 times.
But I had eaten the most salmon in my life that day ever!

They have very slowwwww service.
Or maybe they put us in such a corner place that they hardly see us whenever we call them.

And ......... to complete our Jap-day, we got souvenir from Eng !
Shiroi Koibito!!!!!!
Been craving for ages~~~

yum - yum

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Random Life Update!

Dunno why, out of a sudden...
I feel like blogging...of everything & anything!


And because I have too many random pictures to share,
and here's my random update that help me to tell you part of my recent life.

To Yee Khong's wedding.
Manage to meet up my Form-6 mates~
I MISS all of you!
Miss our gossip time that will never ended!

My favorite girl, Zoey.
Look at how lovely she is!

She was "singing" happily in the car when we brought her out for shopping,
and when I took up my hp and asked her to Eeeeeeee, 
this is what she showed me!!!
How not to love her?

Colleagues brought these macarons to office,
and I got the 口福 to get to try them!

Epicurean is from an ex-engineer, David, who has been trained in Le Cordon Bleu London.
heard that his cafe is setting up currently, and he is home-based at the moment.
You can purchase from him directly through the Facebook Page or

The shells are perfectly made that it cracks in a good way , and can still manage to cut it nicely though...hahahhhahaha
and look at how generous he is!!!
thick and fat ganache!
and the pic showing is my favorite ones from him - Caramel flavor
I like their earl-grey flavor ones too~

I am turning to lesbian when it came to these 2 important ladies in my life!
My Love - My Mama & my Sista

Menya Mushashi for the second time.
Tried their Aka ramen *red* this round, and I still prefer their Kuro ramen *black*
Click here for the previous post!

Random thoughts of going to H&M to look for some winter clothing...
end up Mr.Hoong was the one who spent the most for this MMM x H&M.
too bad the top I wanted to try has sold out!
It was just the first day of launching lehh hello!

And I finally got my first bowler hat!!!
hardly get one that suit my big head size and weird head shape!!!
I am looking for a red one still....................

Headed up for Jolin's concert.


LADUREE Macaron that I just got today!!!
Thank you to Mr.Hoong's colleague for helping me to bring this home!
Nice color mix macarons she chose!

I just had 2 just now and I am leaving the other 4 for tomorrow!
ngek ngek ngek
from the colors, I guess they are Caramel with salted butter, Chocolate, Vanilla, Raspberry, Blackcurrant Violet, and Liquorice~

Till then, Oyasuminasai~~