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Monday, August 19, 2013

Wedding Updates #2

Still, busy with new house.

We've been searching for furniture up & down,
and only found out we missed out those seller/manufacturer that are near my house.
And we actually bought there.

Because Mr.Hoong found someone that is fussy, and dislike those furniture that sold in SET,
we're spending more in buying single unit.
BUT, we're using the old wardrobe as since it is still new and not used before,
so we can actually save from here?

Now, I am looking at a few things.

Studio-like Floor Lamp
Not something like this but I couldn't find the image that I want.

Before buying any floor lamp,
we actually ask ourselves..........we're using new outdated furniture for our living room,
and so how would it help to beautify our house?

I gonna buy this as my chair for the console table~
But maybe a knock-off ones.
how how how???
Please tell me it's nice!

My recent LOVE!~~
it's bloody expensive for a clock like this.

I even asked a lot of friends on how do they find this and should I buy or not.
But again, 2 answers.