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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hectic Weeks

Hectic weeks for me !

In the midst of setting up 2 online small biz at the same time,
rushing for my order to do some quality checks,
and setting up pictures and etc.

Problem is, I am a permanent employee.

And I can only deal with all these at nights, and during my break time in the office.

Please stay with me k!~
Launching the new page in ermmmm....maybe 2-3 more weeks' time.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kuriya, BSC

Celebrated Rol's birthday in Kuriya, BSC.

Hmmmm...frankly speaking, although my office is just a step away from BSC, but I seldom get to have lunch there....and there are sooooo many restaurants I wanna try out.

and I went to the same place 7 days in a row last week.
5 working days, and 2 outings over there.

complimentary starter - Fried salmon with spring onion and lemon juice.

Cheese Fondue~~~
hmmm...for me this is not cheesy enough, and more to creamy.
But still palatable and can match with anything!
we dipped our vege, matched with grilled salmon and so on.

The dinner set~

1 is so excited 1 is so busy.

Chicken teppanyaki.

Oh ya, they serve nice grilled salmon.
I can tell that I only had salmon for like thrice or less than 5 times.
But I had eaten the most salmon in my life that day ever!

They have very slowwwww service.
Or maybe they put us in such a corner place that they hardly see us whenever we call them.

And ......... to complete our Jap-day, we got souvenir from Eng !
Shiroi Koibito!!!!!!
Been craving for ages~~~

yum - yum

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Random Life Update!

Dunno why, out of a sudden...
I feel like blogging...of everything & anything!


And because I have too many random pictures to share,
and here's my random update that help me to tell you part of my recent life.

To Yee Khong's wedding.
Manage to meet up my Form-6 mates~
I MISS all of you!
Miss our gossip time that will never ended!

My favorite girl, Zoey.
Look at how lovely she is!

She was "singing" happily in the car when we brought her out for shopping,
and when I took up my hp and asked her to Eeeeeeee, 
this is what she showed me!!!
How not to love her?

Colleagues brought these macarons to office,
and I got the 口福 to get to try them!

Epicurean is from an ex-engineer, David, who has been trained in Le Cordon Bleu London.
heard that his cafe is setting up currently, and he is home-based at the moment.
You can purchase from him directly through the Facebook Page or

The shells are perfectly made that it cracks in a good way , and can still manage to cut it nicely though...hahahhhahaha
and look at how generous he is!!!
thick and fat ganache!
and the pic showing is my favorite ones from him - Caramel flavor
I like their earl-grey flavor ones too~

I am turning to lesbian when it came to these 2 important ladies in my life!
My Love - My Mama & my Sista

Menya Mushashi for the second time.
Tried their Aka ramen *red* this round, and I still prefer their Kuro ramen *black*
Click here for the previous post!

Random thoughts of going to H&M to look for some winter clothing...
end up Mr.Hoong was the one who spent the most for this MMM x H&M.
too bad the top I wanted to try has sold out!
It was just the first day of launching lehh hello!

And I finally got my first bowler hat!!!
hardly get one that suit my big head size and weird head shape!!!
I am looking for a red one still....................

Headed up for Jolin's concert.


LADUREE Macaron that I just got today!!!
Thank you to Mr.Hoong's colleague for helping me to bring this home!
Nice color mix macarons she chose!

I just had 2 just now and I am leaving the other 4 for tomorrow!
ngek ngek ngek
from the colors, I guess they are Caramel with salted butter, Chocolate, Vanilla, Raspberry, Blackcurrant Violet, and Liquorice~

Till then, Oyasuminasai~~

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Caffe Habitu the Table, HK

Gonna share with you my favorite cafe in HK today!!!

Caffe Habitu.
they have cafe, bars, Italian fine-dining and casual dining.

So the 1 that I always visit is called Caffe Habitu the Table @ Miramar Mall, HK.

I'm so sorry that I am using back pics taken last year.....
but I always back for the same thing, so yea...don't mind la ya

Casual Dining,
Simple interiors with dim lights.


Wild mushroom soup with truffle oil
This is sooooo good~
it might look watery here but in fact, it is creamy but not greasy.
With quite a strong truffle oil taste...kekeke

Linguine allo Scoglio aka seafood linguine
Hmmm, the seafood is fresh and the tomato sauce is quite light that I can still taste the freshness of the seafood...
But 1 thing I should say is that ............... too little seafood ler.....
the squid given was only like 2 or 3 pieces , and yet half piece of each!
overall, I would only rate this average.

Next, present to you...................................


Why didn't we have rose latte in Malaysia???
This is just too good~
Foamy latte that is lightly scented with rose powder or syrup or petals....
So wanna have 1 cup of it right now!!!

Caffe Habitu the Table

Add : Shop B1017, Miramar Shopping Centre, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

☆ Extra sharing

Cha Cha Dessert

Hokkaido milk ice cream x Uji Matcha ice cream
heavenly smooth and milky!
with plain and matcha mochi at the bottom!
holy match!~

You can get this @
Cha Cha Sweets House,
right next to City Super, 3rd Floor in Harbour City.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sit down, please?

Ever since my office been moved, 
I have lesser time spend on walking far for lunch, going for window shopping or shopping.

Which is good.
That I spend less on shopping, buying unnecessary stuffs or drinks,
but just ordering RM 5 lunch-box almost everyday now.

I have spend more time on sitting!
yes, SIT, sitting down I mean!

and I have counted the hours I sit in a day.
Lame, but let's count this ?!

Let me share with you my SIT-hours.

For working days, assuming I wake up 7:30am and sleep at 12am everyday.

1. 45 minutes on driving to work
2. 8 hours of work, deducting 15 minutes of toilet breaks.
3. 1 hour for lunch.
4. 45 minutes on driving back home.
5. 20 minutes dinner.
6. 2 hours being couch potato.
7. 2 hours Online.

Total : about 15 hours of SITTING!!!!!!

I do not wanna get FLAT butts!!!

If you know any ideas on how to push up the butt or watever, please do let me know!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Asahi Blogger Get-Together @ Teeq

Super outdated post.
I attended this ASAHI's Blogger Get-Together event on my BIRTHDAY itself,
and so yea, it was in September and I kept blogging about my birthday celebrations till I missed out this


Super DRY Asahi.

All time favorite, fried calamari rings.


we have many other finger food which I didn't manage to take photo...
so fail.


And I've met Chenelle there~
have been following her insta & reading her blog.
and this was actually our first meet!
She's soooo sweet!

with Shinyee & Sherlynn~
*photo creditted to Shinyee.*

Thank you Nuffnang & Asahi for this event!