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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Roaming with Digi

Ever wonder if your family & friends can still contact you while abroad without changing any numbers???

I am one of those heavy data users that I always wanna share pics & locations in Instagram, Facebook, and most importantly, whatsapps my beloved Mr.Hoong & my sister on whether should I buy this or that?
Also, to GOOGLE on what to eat or shop at my nearest spot!

On my last trip to China… I am not sure on activating the data roaming 
And I got Bill Shock for the month!!!!!!

But if I don’t use data hor……
How can I find those addresses/ contact numbers when I’m heading for meetings in unfamiliar locations?
how can I share to my friends or even as an “archive” of what I’ve been doing/eating/seeing?

Or even, sharing my very BEST MOMENT with my friends and family?

Guess what? DIGI has came out with a promotion that we can enjoy unlimited roaming via mobile phone, laptop and tablet with a daily max cap from as low as RM32/day, along with 41 operators worldwide!
And ……… usage of 3MB and above will be charged at a flat rate (daily max cap) of RM32/RM36/RM56 per day.

Well, FYI, 1MB data can upload about 15 pictures with the size of 60kb OR 1000 messages to be sent or received via Whatsapps~~~

Okay, some might not be a heavy data user, and Fret Not! You can still pay as you use, in which data usage that is less than 3MB will be charged at:
·         RM10.66/MB with 10kb charging block for RM32/day 
·         RM12/MB with 10kb charging block for RM36/day 
·         RM18.66/MB with 10kb charging block for RM56/day

Guess I know what should I do when I am going for the next trip d~
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