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Friday, October 11, 2013

Pre 5th October 2013 - Feelings of getting married

Today, marked the last day I'll be staying in my own home.
The home I've been staying for 26 years.

There's a sudden feeling that I do not feel like marrying at all.
For everything.

Well, I can't post it on the day itself coz my laptop is not with me and I can only save this post in email's draft.

And when you think planned wedding for a year is more than enough.
I would say, more than enough for the earlier stage.
Like others said, there will be something happen for sure.

And yo...
I got proposed on 23rd March 2013, in which many kept asking me, WHY ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED SO FAST???UR PROPOSAL WAS JUST IN MARCH.

Well, explain here again, it's a PLANNED WEDDING and so I DO NOT EXPECT ANY PROPOSAL.
But still, Thank you Mr.Hoong for the surprise~

Also, things happened before the wedding.......
First, I had no voice for few days 2 weeks before the wedding.

Second, had hard time cleaning the 23 years old house -.-

Third, fever cough and flu 3 days before the wedding.

Fourth, a sudden plan from mum and aunts to have family gathering eating session at home ... That actually ended up like a buffet and I went @,@ when I got back home!

Fifth, hand itchy, went to iron my veil and it was first ok , but last 2 parts it melted and there's a big hole.
Ya, just less than 24 hours from wedding.
So wanna bang to wall ok ?!!!!
Moral of the story for all the brides to be, please prepare extra veil!!!
Searching up and down for the veil.
Many of them are selling those rough and geli veils that I feel like throwing into dustbin

Googled and called a bridal house if they are sling any veils?!
And thank god they have!!!

Just got it 30 mins before the shop closed
Thank you , Lord!

Ya, now I left 4.5 hours to sleep and I'm really sleepy.
Just that I need to finish here just in case I forget all these feelings after the day.