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Thursday, January 31, 2013


I seriously wanna do a short update.

But I do not know how to arrange my time these few days.

Please don't stop coming back!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Lil' Update

Just back from SG & HK biz trips last week,
and I'm tired like an idiot pig everyday for now.

Even if I've had 8 hours of sleep, I still feel soooooo tired.
Don't know why!!!

SG :-
I really dislike SG local food!
And I always go for their Jap food ...hahahaha
This round, went to TORI KING, recommended by my colls.
The ramen itself is disappointing...
Not springy wan!
But the soup is nice, and TORI is superb!!
I dunno how the chicken can be so tender & juicy being fried!~

Overall, I still prefer Menya Mushashi~

HK: -

Was expecting below 10 degrees, as it was in January 2011.
Mana tau.... average 16 degrees onia
Nvm la, dunid to wear trench coat and thick thick!

Outfit for my last day and it was the coolest & windy day of that week.
But, they still said I wore too little

Random purchase:-

Guerlain pearls~

Packets for October!
They have so many special and nice angpows!!!

The 2 things I tikam in 7-11
they have 30 items to tikam
how to spend so much in 7-11???

Monday, January 14, 2013

Just because of....

I know right........
the moment when a blogger / some1 says that they will update more ,
it will take even more time to update.

Please don't leave me~~~~~~~

Bare with me la,
now it's the peak of the quarter for meetings & reports,
and yet I need to keep updating Her WishList as well.....

Feel tired at times.
But because of self-interest, and also money...
no choice lo!

Lose some of my own time,

I've gained a few new friends through that "medium"!~~~
some have asked for my opinion, thoughts on fashion...and I really feel so happy for that!!!

as ppl know me for great eater than having any fashion sense~

Monday, January 7, 2013

Food & Food & OOTD

Here comes my very first post in 2013 after the busy weeks in December.
No, I'm still busy...
but I wanna keep it a habit, update more >__<

Me & the girls been to this normal looking Thai Store in Section 17, called Lai-Thai during the last weekend of December 2012.
with just a few dishes up for selection, and we've been waiting for like 30 minutes or more to get just a space!!!

Thai Style Fried Kuey Teow!!!
I back for the second time d~~
i dunno how to describe this normal dish to be soooo palatable!!!!

Minced pork with basil leaves~~
My favorite as well OMG!!!
but too spicy for me , but still perfect!

Sob Sob
u know what, I've finally found the best Som Tam in town !!!
so nice lehhh

Me & Mr.Hoong went there during the last weekend,
and both of us ordered 2 noodles, 2 rice set...
and they were ppl staring at us if we are dinosaurs!
Not to tell you how good eaters we are,
but I really like it~~~

They're selling all Thai products in the store too~~

Food Foundry for the first time, after the thai-food session with the girls....

The Rose coconut mille crepe was so dry

The vanilla ones still so-so, but I prefer Eng's milk mille crepe


31st December:

to Mr.Hoong's favorite fish head noodle place in Puchong - SOON SOON LYE

ordered this deep fried cod fish + sang har noodle~
the portion quite small
noodles little, and only 3 pieces of cod-fish!
please gimme 5 laaa,
it's soo NICE!!!


1st Jan 2013:

I told Mr.Hoong I wanna dress up & go out!!!
don't care if it's just a short lunch or what~
coz I've not been dressing up nicely lately and I feel myself looking like an aunty

So, we back to my favorite pork place - SWINE @ Publika
been there a few times, but I don't remember I blog about it...

He forever order this set, English Fry Up

Chorizo Burger
the patties is abit too salty

I kinda miss their French Toast with peanut butter & Applewood bacon while blogging about this....



Lazy day outfit.

See Through Knitted Top from Her WishList
Denim Shorts from Topshop


Lace Cut in Tank Top from Reverie-Store
Mid Waisted Corduroy shorts from Topshop
Sequins Flats from Vincci
Necklace from H&M
See Me Through Clutch with Crystals from Her WishList

I know a lot of girls asking me about the clutch ,
but too bad...the manufacturer currently stop making it,
and now we only have the clear ones & the spider pandora ones...

See more at this Album

p/s: sorry for hardsell abit