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Saturday, December 21, 2013

WeChat x Remedy - The Xmas & New Year Special~

Guess who's in WeChat family this time?
The Remedy KL that is located in Scott Garden!!!

*Their live band*

In conjunction with Xmas & New Year, they are giving out buy 1 free 1 pint of beer!!!
Yes, saving much yet enjoying the memorable dates huh?!
How & What again???
1st - Get Wechat Apps in your mobile
2nd - Scan the code below or add by ID -> TheRemedyKL
3rd - Order a pint of Kilkenny or Guinness at RM 18, and get the second pint for absolutely FREE~~

Seriously....such a good deal
and it lasts from 19th December to 2nd January 2014

Faster, Scan this like NOWWWWW
Faster plan plan your happy hours & short working days these 2 weeks la!!!

Get to meet a lot of bloggers in the launching event, but yet no chance to take pics with many of them!
Keryi, Chanwon, me & Kerchi

I was like the first few who reached there first, and know no one there...
and when finally these girls arrived I can start to talk!

Last but not least, quickly scan the QR code in Wechat and claim your deal!!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Casio TR-15 : Wide Angle

After so many reviews of TR-15, I bet most of you guys have realize this.
The 21mm Wide Angle Lens!!!

it's no longer just head picture while you self-snap no matter how far you raise your hand!

I just place it on the dashboard and it takes more than half of our bodies!
my previous camera just manage to shoot until the shoulder/boobs level.

Having 4 persons standing together, without squeezing up and down!

it supposed to have 7 persons in the pic but she moved
Having said that, we can still fit like 5 more persons standing behind lo!!!

I simply love the wide angle lens that it doesn't make me look like I selfie so much hahahahha
more like someone else taken the pics for me

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Casio Exilim TR-15 : Wifi Transfer + Remote Capture

I'm here to continue on TR-15!!!

Guess you guys know one of its best functions is the WIFI TRANSFER!!!!!
Can transfer anytime to the mobile so that we can post to instagram, oh no...can save in photo library.

For those who are still unsure on how to transfer, here you go!

First, download EXILIM Remote application in your mobile,
then select the photos that you would like to transfer over to the mobile.
 After that, you will see something like this as shown in the pic above.

Search for the wifi access!
And it's usually starts with TR-15 xxxxxxxxx, then enter the password shown in the camera

And wait for the files to get transferred!
SO EASY right???

And 1 of the functions, remote capture - I am still under exploring!
old lady cannot follow too much la
but however, I still find it easier to capture through camera than to control by mobile

But if you still wanna learn more on this function, please look into the video below:-