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Thursday, May 23, 2013


I am finally back with lifestyle post

Lump-sum post of some OOTDs that captured through phone.

Meet up with Kim in early April~
*gosh~ it's almost June now and I'm talking bout April -.-*

Another long long long chat with her~
we talked about so manyyyyy topics!!!

 OOTD #1
Pastel Yellow Crop Top : Bkk
Pastel Blue High Waisted Shorts: Her WishList
Clear Buckle Bag: Her WishList 

Brunch with the girls @ Butter & Milk, Bangsar.
Food wise normal.

and we had a lil' shopping time around bangsar~

OOTD # 2
Red Jumpsuit : Bkk
Belt: Mum's
Bowler Hat: H&M
Clear Jelly Flats: Jellybean

OOTD #3 - To Colleague's Wedding Luncheon

Peachy Dress: H&M
White round-necked Cardigan : Taiwan
Peachy Jelly Shoes: Jellybean
Clear hand clutch with pink pouch: Her WishList

OOTD #4 - Dating outfit with Mr.Hoong

Maxi Dress: SG
Love Sandals: Bkk
Clear Buckle Bag: Her WishList

P/S: okay, I gonna slap my mouth on procrastinating two main posts - 5th Anni & Proposal.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Heineken Green Room Returns~

Mark your calendar guys!
June 15th marks the return of Heineken Green Room!
Quickly grab your ticket and get your body well-trained to be prepared on the shakes!
And this round, they are back with bunch of great DJs of the latest leading edge music and visual art with headliners - The Drums and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED).
Also also, there will be local heroes -  Twilight Actiongirl, The Deer Society & Darren Ashley~~

Apart from that, Heineken has working together with Spotify !~
Spotify is a music platform that works on your computer, your mobile, your tablet, and your home entertainment system.

You can even download your favourite music for when you’re offline~ WEEEEE

And here is the list for Heineken Green Room Spotify Playlist, feel free to follow & tune in the playlist for the music!~~~

Click HERE

  For more info regarding the event, kindly visit HERE 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Digi Smart Plan x Samsung Galaxy S4

Digi has finally came out with a new plan, DG SmartPlan!~

Yup, I am not a digi user right now but I am so eagerly to switch to it eversince the reception at my housing area here is getting bad.
My bro is using Digi and he said the reception is alright and so, hohoho… 
so NGAM also that they came up the plan with Samsung Galaxy S4!~

OHHH YEA~ time to change HP too maybe?

I have heard of it for N times from Mr.Hoong on its features…
some technical features that I can’t really remember…
But I know its camera is definitely working good!!! Hahahaha
We always practice “Camera Eats First” nowadays, don’t you?
And it has 13MP rear Camera, with 2MP front camera that is more than enough to take nice pics~
And and and, 1 more thing I like is…it has 2600 mAh Battery!!! Which can last for veryyy long~

The price is so attractive also ho??

DG SmartPlan 58 comes with FREE 200 mins voice call + 200 SMS + 2 GB Internet.

DG SmartPlan 88 comes with FREE 300 mins voice call + 300 SMS + 4 GB internet.

DG SmartPlan 148, which is the worth of all to me, that the price of the phone itself is just RM 1199, and comes with 600 mins Voice call + 600 SMS + 6 GB Internet , PLUSSSS free music with DEEZER~

DEEZER is a platform where you can discover millions of songs, and listen to it anytime, anywhere for FREE~ v^^

Kindly find out more from

Besides S4, Digi has came up this New DG SmartPlan for HTC ONE too!

The price is as low as RM 1269~
For more info, kindly visit ~
Or pay a visit to the nearest Digi Outlet for clearer info! ^^

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, and all opinions are on my own*