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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day 11

6th August

Sorry baby, I couldn't make to come to see you everyday as your grandma wanted me to stay in for my confinement.

I only could get daddy to send you milk every night after his work so that you can get to drink more breastmilk.

Somehow on 6th August, your weight dropped as according to your paed and I was soooooo worried.
You should have gained after all the water retention on first week~~
I want you to back home asap!!!

I cried alone in the room at noon, quietly.
And at night when grandma asked what did doctor say about you, I couldn't control my tears and shed.
I miss you baby~
Ah Ma has no choice by then but to send me to hospital every night after she closed the shop just to see you.

I don't care if it's raining or to stand there for 2-3 hours...all I want is just to see you!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 9

9th day.
And it was the first time that I carried you, in my arm.
You were so tiny.
Face is just as big as my fist.

And it's your first latch!!
You are amazing!!! you know how to latch with the third time help from the nurse~
I only managed to breastfeed you for 10minutes as we were worrying on your body temperature.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 2 to Day 8 After Delivery

Day 2 - 28th July

Being sounded by all the nurses that came to check me at night and morning,
coz I didn't even dare to move my body.

The pain in the wound is like, triple the pain of period pain!

And doctor asked me must try to stand after they removed the catheter!

But removing it meaning I can walk and see and touch my baby!

so ok la, DEAL~

This was taken on first day.
and baby Hoong was the only baby in the nursery, for 2 days.
but 3rd & 4th Day onwards, there were about 13-15 babies I remember.

Dr.Chuah came to me in the morning saying while he & the wife (Dr.Chew) were having laksa halfway yesterday's night, nurse called and get her to put on the IV line as his blood sugar rate was consistently low.

baby Hoong with IV line
Wanted to shed when I first see him in the incubator with these lines but I TAHAN!!!

Matthias, if you are reading this, I wanna tell you that you are such a fighter & brave that you managed to breath on your own by Day 3.
Doctor Chew whatsapped daddy & mummy 2-3 times everyday to tell us about your condition.
Your left hand with IV line was swollen, and they changed to right hand, and your blood sugar level was getting better day by day.
By Day 8, you were off from IV line, but they continue the glucose in milk.

Pic taken by your daddy on Day 8, 3rd August 2014.
It was after your bath time in the nursery~
and he hold you for the first time before me!
How can?!

I couldn't describe my feeling when I received this pic and when he told me he hold you for the first time!

and I was still at home doing my confinement!

I am a selfish mummy, I want me, myself, and I to be the first who holds you in arm~
Not even your daddy!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

27th July, 2014 - BB Matthias

27th July 2014.

It's a real special date to me, Mr.hoong and my Baby Hoong!

It's mr.hoong birthday, 
It's our first year marriage (ROM) anni........and
Baby Hoong's birthday!

Early in the morning, the nurse came to me as usual at 6am for the CTG test. 
Midway doing the CTG, nurse suddenly tuned off the heartbeat sound - which is not their normal practice...
I did not pass the test, and they said baby is sleeping and they can't detect well, and so they need to do another time for it.
Not passed, still.

Doc came to check me at 8+am, which is not so normal too *he usually check at 9*

sat next to me and said "so, Sharon, I really wish we can prolong the baby's stay in womb, and induce you after Raya but it seems like he couldn't tahan anymore, and his heartbeats dropped and did not pass for even a small contraction hit"

and so, Doc decided to bring him out today!
And guess what?
Mr.Hoong went to waterfall with friends!
I couldn't call him all the way! even his friends!
I called for N times and sooooooooooooooooooo nervous!!!
My sis kept calling from Taiwan too and asked me to relax...

I get my bro and mum and told them about this and they immediately closed the shop and rushed to hospital.

I was so nervous until my blood pressure went up and I felt super hot!
Nurses who came in all shivered in cold but I'm the only one sweating in!

I prayed.
and prayed.
Pray to God.

My mum n bro reached right before they sent me to operation theater.
First thing I said to my mum.
She asked me not to scare, but I can see that she's very worried too!

When I reached operation room, what I think is that it's just so cold!!!!!!!!!!!
Just like when I was wearing not enough in Beijing when it was -3 degree Celsius!!!

While waiting to be pushed in to the real theater, I heard the midwife scolding few nurses on why they came late and etc.

I'm so sorry, it was a Sunday, and pre-Raya celebration day, and most of the nurses are on leave but being called back for my emergency case.

So now, pushed to the theater.
There's music in the theater.
I tried not to look at the equipments and keep closing my eyes, prayed and prayed.
I was so helpless but just hope baby will be fine!

The anaestathist explained what he's going to do on me and comfort me all the way.
While explaining, I saw my gynae washing hands just like how those TVB doctors washed hands.
And so, I curled myself and he gave me a jab or two at the spine, I don't remember.
I lied down again, with both hands opening, sleeping on a 40degrees waterbed.....Helpless!
And slowly, my lower part went numb and I can feel the doc and nurse started to insert urine catheter...
Throughout the process and the anaestathist kept talking to me to make me feel relaxed, but it did not help much.
And I could still sense a few 'drawings' on my stomach, just like when u use finger to draw on it...and a slight push from the anaesthathis...

Not long after, I heard my gynae said "cili padi" then followed by loud crying voice!
My baby!!!!!!
I just couldn't believe it!!!
My baby!!!!!!
Doctor then showed me "nah, your baby"
"So small" from me.....
Then he continued his work.

Awhile after, his face appeared to me again,
"Checked already, baby has no Down syndrome"
He knew that I've been worrying about this after the detailed scan, which was done by another sonographer, and found calcium deposit in baby's heart.
Although it's a soft marker but it worried me like hell and tortured my mind for damn few weeks........
but now, it's such a relief!

The  paeditrician then came to me and showed me baby.
"Baby ahhh"
First thing I said to him.
He's so tiny, but beautiful to me.
I wanted to touch him but I just couldn't...and the paed said she needs to bring him back to nursery for milk as he's having low blood sugar..

Everything has done and I kept asking bout my baby.
If he's breathing ok? And if everything ok...

When I came out, I saw my mum...and she asked "very cold ahhh?"
Lolll nurse put like layers of blankets on me and I still feel cold for like 30 mins even without aircond on.
Then I saw Mr.Hoong popped out from not-sure-where, and is almost teared when he said "we have our baby here".
At first I thought I'll be crying but I did not.
I need to stay strong to see my baby~~~

Then Mr.Hoong get in to see baby and snapped some pics of baby for me~

My baby, Matthias, as some name dictionary said, it's Gift from God.
Here's your very first pic~

Doctor Chew, your paed was giving you a burp in this pic.

your hand is just as big as our finger size, and your head is just like mummy's small fist.

And you are too active and keep moving your oxygen line.

Thank you, baby to fight for your life and stay together with us.
Thank you, God, for this precious gift given, and for protecting us throughout the process.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Pregnancy week #36 - IUGR baby

Today is the 5th day I admitted in hospital.
I'm just staying in for monitoring and bed rest for now.

How it happened?
On 21st July, I felt the braxton hicks has been kicking in so frequent, and consistently for a few hours...
I gave my doctor a call, and he asked me to come to hospital immediately.
And if everything is ok, then I can go back the next day.
The reason of why we're so concerning at this stage, is because I'm dianogsed with IUGR baby.
Which baby is having growth restriction in the womb, and usually happen on high risk pregnancy or drug abuse mothers.
For my case, I was wondering for damnnnnn long and cried for so long why it happened on my baby??!!!!
Did detailed scan and found out it was due to placenta insufficiency & low AFI.

Reached hospital. Doc checked.
I've dilated 1cm and effaced.
Next day, it's still the same and baby's heart rate is not passed and is good & bad for on & off.

And on 23rd July, doc actually asked if I want to discharge myself.

I asked Mr.Hoong & my mum.
Both said NO, and continue to stay in as I will get emotional and depress if they leave me alone at home while they're working.

So ya.................................

I really blame myself.
I blame my placenta! I blame why it is slowing down its process in providing nutrients to my baby!!!

I've checked so much about IUGR.
Even giving myself an expectation on how tiny my baby will be when he's out from my womb.
I just hope the ultrasound has problem measuring weight!
I just don't wanna see my baby be in the incubator and yet I couldn't get to hold him in my arms............

I've been missing from Instagram n Facebook and I know some frens feel weird that I seldom went missing for so long, and so they pm me ask about my due date, how am I? Am I free? So on n etc....
Sorry for not replying but I really no mood to tell 1 by 1.

And this is the only time I anticipate in-room, everyday.
The food in Tung Shin Hospital is quite ok if compared with other hospitals.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pregnancy week #33 - Dianogned with IUGR

9 & 10th July 2014.








被refer去另外一个detail scan specialist。

答案就如我在网上查到的一样 - IUGR (Intra Uterine Growth Restriction).

除了哭 和等待下一个检查以外,我真的不知道还能做些什么。





Friday, April 11, 2014


Ever since I’m pregnant, I found my skin tone, become slightly yellowish and uneven at the nose and lips part.
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Forgive my puffy eyes as I was about to go to bed during then
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