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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day 11

6th August

Sorry baby, I couldn't make to come to see you everyday as your grandma wanted me to stay in for my confinement.

I only could get daddy to send you milk every night after his work so that you can get to drink more breastmilk.

Somehow on 6th August, your weight dropped as according to your paed and I was soooooo worried.
You should have gained after all the water retention on first week~~
I want you to back home asap!!!

I cried alone in the room at noon, quietly.
And at night when grandma asked what did doctor say about you, I couldn't control my tears and shed.
I miss you baby~
Ah Ma has no choice by then but to send me to hospital every night after she closed the shop just to see you.

I don't care if it's raining or to stand there for 2-3 hours...all I want is just to see you!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 9

9th day.
And it was the first time that I carried you, in my arm.
You were so tiny.
Face is just as big as my fist.

And it's your first latch!!
You are amazing!!! you know how to latch with the third time help from the nurse~
I only managed to breastfeed you for 10minutes as we were worrying on your body temperature.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 2 to Day 8 After Delivery

Day 2 - 28th July

Being sounded by all the nurses that came to check me at night and morning,
coz I didn't even dare to move my body.

The pain in the wound is like, triple the pain of period pain!

And doctor asked me must try to stand after they removed the catheter!

But removing it meaning I can walk and see and touch my baby!

so ok la, DEAL~

This was taken on first day.
and baby Hoong was the only baby in the nursery, for 2 days.
but 3rd & 4th Day onwards, there were about 13-15 babies I remember.

Dr.Chuah came to me in the morning saying while he & the wife (Dr.Chew) were having laksa halfway yesterday's night, nurse called and get her to put on the IV line as his blood sugar rate was consistently low.

baby Hoong with IV line
Wanted to shed when I first see him in the incubator with these lines but I TAHAN!!!

Matthias, if you are reading this, I wanna tell you that you are such a fighter & brave that you managed to breath on your own by Day 3.
Doctor Chew whatsapped daddy & mummy 2-3 times everyday to tell us about your condition.
Your left hand with IV line was swollen, and they changed to right hand, and your blood sugar level was getting better day by day.
By Day 8, you were off from IV line, but they continue the glucose in milk.

Pic taken by your daddy on Day 8, 3rd August 2014.
It was after your bath time in the nursery~
and he hold you for the first time before me!
How can?!

I couldn't describe my feeling when I received this pic and when he told me he hold you for the first time!

and I was still at home doing my confinement!

I am a selfish mummy, I want me, myself, and I to be the first who holds you in arm~
Not even your daddy!