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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Casio Exilim TR-15 - Makeup & Skin Brightening Mode

I guess every girl knows what TR-15 does the best!

auto make up!!!

For TR-15, the have added skin brightening mode as well for more options!
and each mode has 12 levels to be chosen~

So, when I first gotten the camera the first thing is to make up all my selfie pics~~
keep testing on the mode level to find the best that suit me!

Here are few pics that I took for comparison:-

With Auto mode, without any effect.
still so clear huh~

Make-up Mode level 9, under sun light.
Still manage to capture natural skintone colors.
But if level 12, it might be saturated a little ><

Brightening mode level 9, under sunlight.
Too bright to me though.
And personally think that level 3-5 is just right like the pic below (taken indoor):-


Here's another pic for comparison.
Auto mode, taken indoor!

Have you found the best level of these modes yet?

For more information on the modes, you may check out from Casio Exilim Malaysia!

Monday, November 18, 2013

WeChat x Secret Recipe Malaysia ~

WeChat has just announced one of their official accounts that joined recently - Secret Recipe Malaysia~~

just attended their launching event last week and we get some first hand's news!!!
So excited for it!!!

Please allow me to post up some lengluis' pics before I start telling you the GOOD NEWs k???
I know you sure don't mind huh?!

Met Peggy, 1 of the WeChat model that night So pretty!!!

My event kaki - Chenellewen The gorgeous!!

With Sweetie Chanwon, and get to know new friends - Doris & Bobo~
*Sorry, I know I look awkward here...hahaha...coz I am the oldest!!! T___T*

With Shinyee babe~

With Careen ~


❤ ❤ ❤

Time is just right for the announcement of the launch! 
Just right after all the camwhore session & makan session 


HO like X'mas as I was so excited after knowing the GOOD NEWS~
and my mind is full of chocolate banana and chocolate indulgence now

Guess all of you should have WeChat apps right?
Or if you don't have, faster download and get the promo code or news subscription!!!

Then, what you need to do is go to CONTACTS tab and click on Official Account and add to follow "SecretRecipeMY" and you will be able to receive the following message:-


YES!!!!! They are now havingthe BUY 1 FREE 1 Cake promo for all Dine-in customers to celebrate their 16th Anni!!!!! Faster go get your voucher nao!!!!

it's not just that!!!
They also having Candy-Crushing deals at RM 16!~~~
There are 6 meals to choose from~~

All the mentioned deals has just started from 16th November, and will be until 30th November~
What are you waiting for???

Quickly add them up!!!

WeChat Official Account ID : SecretRecipeMY

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pink Casio Exilim TR-15 ~~~

Finally........I've got myself a TR-15!
Keep thinking of it after the launch in July~
THANK YOU Casio & Marco Heritage for the chance for me to own it, touch it, snap with it!

Why do I insist to have it?
oh should be, why do most girls wanna have it???
Can nonstop spending time being a narcissist!
it is so magical!!!
that I 
suddenly becoming so pretty in all pictures taken by it~

I like its design as well~~~
So slim, that I can slip inside my pockets.
So light, that I don't feel it's a burden carry on my body or in my bag.
So BRIGHT, hahahha, that it catches everyone's eyesight!


I like it's metallic pinky pinky surface as well.....
just like my nails here

Untitled hehe
so sweet huh?
***opppsss....just realize there's a hair hahahhah***

Ok la...
time to sleep and I shall continue with more of its function next time!

Meanwhile, for more info, please visit:-