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Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Blue ++

Have Monday blue as always, but not waking up looking like this in the early morning please.

even more blue!
especially during this week!!!
critical period in work okay?!
pek cek!!!
infection on a WRONG MONDAY!

ok laa, think on a bright side, 
I can crawl back to my bed and sleep till 9am,
and work from home.

BETTER IF, I can sleep the whole day!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mr.Hoong's 27th @ iL Lido

Celebrated Mr.Hoong's birthday in advance @ iL Lido.

heard & read from some blogs that they have revamped their menu again.
so I supposed it's getting BETTER?
as I've never dined there but only chilled out there once before.


having dilemma choosing what to eat although I've roughly surveyed on what are those that must eat...

Mr.Hoong go for the classic set, that supposed to have only ONE amuse bouche~
but I guess the chef is kind enough to prepare another one for me!

amuse bouche of the day is marinated tuna with tangerine

yours truly.

Pan seared roasted scallops with asparagus cream
STAR of the night!
so huge! so fresh! so delicious~~

Fried calamari with potato salad.
very normal dish.

Squid Ink tanglieri with crab & saffron.
both our first try on squid ink pasta.
Not bad though as it's very freshy!

The other star of the day!!!
Blank Cod with garlic fondue & balsamic~
this is nice!!!!!

my Spaghetti Chittara with Seafood.
errrrr.....thumbs down for this...
overly salty, and when we questioned the waiter, he just said because there are a lot of seafood inside,
so it must be cooked salty.
what kinda logic?

Creme brulee of 4 flavors
vanilla, strawberry, coffee & pistachio.
very disappointed as the texture is so watery for strawberry ones, and so hard for the other 3.
feel like eating frozen pudding.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance my dear~
hope you get more healthy & wealthy!

me too, looking older & older each day.



Special thanks to Carol from reservation dept. that helped me to arrange on this Happy birthday wordings!

Kindly forget bout my big lollipop head!
Dress: Fullhouse collection
Earrings: h&m
pearls bracelet with ribbon : h&m
rings : f21
heels: charles & keith


for more pictures, please visit DROZ-DW

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dazzles on ❤ ❥Dazzling Cafe❤ ❥

Okay, outdated food post.
But it's not late to share I guess?


Dazzling Cafe that I've been missed out during my last Taipei trip in 2011!
and Finally visited there during this January during work training!



I dunno WHY I COULDN'T FIND THIS PLACE last year!!!

In fact, It's super easy to get there!
Shall explain the "how to go" at the end of this post so that you read the whole post!!!

Seriously, the queue is crazy...

My fren & I have been waited for 2 hours for that!

Trick 1 : Make reservation through call , and they will let you know the slots left.

Trick 2: Remember your Taiwan mobile number & let them know, and get your list number, and they will call you when your list number is near!

Sooooo, u can continue your shopping nearby!
Seriously, a lot of fancy, cute, darling boutiques over the streets nearby there!
Just choose lo, else you will get night market clothing with double-up or triple-up price~




The dazzling interior~


FYI, the minimum spending there is 1 drinks per customer~
minimum spending is usually seen in most of the cafes in Taiwan.



So pretty right?????

I forget what have we ordered but I guess all of them are nice to see & eat!~~~~~

1 more thing!
When it's served by the waitress, they will allow sometime for you to do some "photoshooting sessions", and then come back to you and teach you how to cut & how to eat~~~

Awesome enough?


Photobucket XD

They have 4 branches now,
and I went to the main branch @ Da An District:-

Dazzling Cafe Deluxe (奢華蜜糖土司專賣店)

Dazzling Cafe Pink (1店)
查詢專線 (contact  no.):02-8773-9238
No. 11, Alley 7, Lane 205, Section 4, ZhōngXiào East Rd, Daan District
營業時間如下 (Business hours):
平日(Normal days): 星期日~星期四 (Sun ~ Thurs) 12:00~23:00(Last order 22:00)
假日前夕(Holiday Eves) 星期五~星期六( Fri ~ Sat) 12:00~24:00(Last order 23:00)

Directions : MRT, Zhong Xiao Dun Hua Exit 2,
Let's say LUXY & ZARA is on your left, walk straight & turn to the left junction , walk straight again and turn to the right and Dazzling Cafe will be on your left!~

*if you are going to club @ LUXY at nite, before you turn right to the dazzling cafe junction , there's a shop selling minced pork rice which is superb too!!!*

As below:-



Monday, July 16, 2012


Another set of pictures by Droz-DW~


Can finally wear the boots in Malaysia~



Dress: Cotton On
Lace Top : random RM25 shop
Boots: Shenzhen


For more pictures, please visit JUST ANOTHER PRODUCTION facebook page & give them a like~