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Friday, February 8, 2013

H+ Photography

I've been following this photographer, Hayashi's blog for quite some time already.
and I was super excited when I get to know that he's going to launch a new page & web page...
*I am his fans...keke*

So, Mr.Hoong & I has decided to take him & the team as our actual day  photographers!

Kindly check out their page for more info, bride-to-be or groom-to-be...
not exactly must be weddings, they do take maternity portraits and etc as well!

H+ , to spread the H factor, the Happiness!

Click here for more H+ Photography

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Samsung EcoBubble~Bloobbb-Bloobbb

I finally have time to update!
V ^^V

Let me share with you guys a cute & funny video that I’ve just watched!

Make sure you play & watch that & prepare to get the SURPRISE from the Bear!
I was @.@ at 1st then ROFL for the next second when I saw the surprise!

I’m thinking to ask my dad to buy this Samsung EcoBubble washing machine !!!
FYI, I am the 1 who does the laundry on the weekends & public holidays, and always facing problems with the existing one.

Our old one is too shaky, until the tube also can vibrate together.
Not just that, it always get stuck when we put thick jeans or even if the total weight of the clothes is just about the said weight.

Did a lil’ study on this EcoBubble before I actually beg my dad to buy it!

As its name, the new Samsung washing machine is using EcoBubble technology that is ECO-friendly, in which using COOL WATER!~
*wah…also can save energy leh*
Hooray to all my outing clothings!
Do you know that I actually hand-wash all my outing clothes, and I only dare to use washing machine to wash my pajamas or office wear.
And most of the outing clothing labeled COLD WASH only.
Oh yes to the COOL WATER washes~hoho

Next, it’s with vibration reduction technology to reduce the noise & virbration!
Say no more to the shaky machine & tube please~

Also, it’s using diamond drum & anti-limescale heater to clean gently on the clothes & with low maintenance ceramic heaters to last longer~~~

Most importantly to all of us…….
It’s with 5 years warranty and free 5-year parts to guarantee our laundry!

Going to ask my dad to get us the 12kgs machine!

For more washing machine info:

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are on my own