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Thursday, July 30, 2015

#BBMATTHIAS has turned 1

Time flies~~~

My Baobei Matthias has turned 1!!!

From a 3 pounds+ baby that has grown up so much.

As of 27th July 2015, 
if not mistaken, he is barely 16pounds now.
*hasn't go for the first year check up yet hehehe*
Still much lighter than other babies, but he has achieved more than 3 times of the birthweight!

Here are the milestone of #bbmatthias:-
1. Flip at 5 months old.
2. Start saying ah buu at 7 months old.
3. Sit at 8 months old.
4. Worm-style crawling at 9 months old.
5. Start calling baa-baa or papa at 9.5 months old.
6. 2 bottom milk teeth at 9.5 months old.
7. Crawling at 10 months old.
8. Total of 4 teeth (2 upper, 2 bottom) at 10.5 months old.
9. Hold and stand at 11 months old.
10. Say "papa", "mama","mum-mum","nen-nen","gaa-gai"
11. Trying to let go your hand and stand. Sometimes he can stand for 5 seconds.

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