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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Matthias's milestones as of 17 months old (compilation):-

1. He knows quite some words like papa, mama, daddy & mummy (if lucky enough), shh (fish), nana (take), geigei (give), ah bu (my bro), yee (my sis), jiejie, gogor, yi yer (to point on dirty or rubbish), yum yum, owl, tar (star), car, baby, wow wow (dog), ball...etc can't think of now....

2. He knows how to point on the thing he saw or wants.

3. He throws tantrum if we do not let him get what he want / sit on the floor -.-'''

4. He scolds us back my clapping his hands just like us scolding him.

5. He will peep at you when you are scolding him and then give you a smile.

6. He understands most of the things that we told him.

7. He knows when we mention wipe, brush teeth, wash hand, wipe hand (and goes to his towel and wipe!), wear shoes...

8. He recognizes a lot of nursery rhymes and knows what to do next!
(blink the hands for twinkle twinkle, clap hands for open shut them & if you happy, pat for BINGO, wave)

9. I finally let him walk in the malls and he's running and screaming excitedly! (but I still carry him up if there're too many people or he doesn't let me hold his hand - I repeated and he finally understand he needs to hold hand when walking around although some times he is reluctant to!)

10. When I said 我要回家了 from my maternal home, he will run to his Ah Gong's room and wave & give a flying kiss!

11. 17 months and still dunno how to self-feed...hehe...but that's ok...keep learning! He only picks those bread from our hands.

12. He will make noise and walk to the door when he sees his Ah Yi - wanted to go out!

13. He will want to take the money and pay when we are at the cashier, and said "nana" from the cashier for the change!

14. He will be super alert on his steps when I said "becareful" or 小心一点...and if he is not sure, he will crawl and touch and see how steep is the steps!

15. He knows how to "sayang" people.

16. He will call people to come with his hand .

17. He will look behind to see if the third person (my mum or his dad) is not following him.

18. He shakes his head for a NO.

19. He calls traffic light ball-ball coz the light is in circle form ...hahahaha

20. and...I have no idea why is he scare of TEN IN THE BED song

There are many more of his milestones...and I think I need to start writing them up every month!

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