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Monday, December 28, 2015

Matthias is going for a surgery

We have found out Matthias has Hernia Inguinal 2+ months back but has not been doing anything on that until I made an appointment for the surgery last week.

Hernia can develop more often in premature babies and baby boys have the higher possibilities in getting it too!

Reason why I did not make any call to schedule on the surgery is because he has few vaccines to take during past months and I just don't feel like getting him on so much stress on those!

and why I suddenly made a call is because I found out the lower abdomen has been getting swelling than before!

and the surgery is happening TOMORROW!!!
I did not really think about it since last week was a long weekend and I have been busy taking care of him and brought him out for chores and so on.
Until today, when I finally free, and to work.
I kept thinking & thinking while I was driving on all the possibilities *mummy mental issues*
and wondering how is the doc & nurses going to give him anesthetic since he never even wanted a stranger to touch him!

Helpless & I googled about the doctor & hospital and knowing that 1 parent is allowed to go in with the baby and I am much relieved..............

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